wannayogiIt’s so hard to trust a person we’ve never seen, and we do not know him. More and more people are shopping online stores where personal contact is missing and link between the customer and the seller. My sales philosophy is to offer not only quality products, but also advice. I care about to my customers with pleasure. This is also evidenced by the clients I have get during my previous employment at the private polyclinic in Kosice, where I worked as a physiotherapist. I have also gained a lot of experience while studying at Trenčín´s University. After school, I attended a SM system training course focused on scoliosis and a power yoga instructor course. I practicing yoga for about the fourth year. I continue to take part in various courses and seminars, I learn from books and the Internet.

I’m not the type of person who gets up early in the morning to work where I do not feel good and I watch the time constantly and the rest of the day I spend lying down and watching TV. I am here for you and if you have a problems with back pain, joints, muscles, or you have a question about exercising yoga or ordering, or any other problem, write to me and we will surely find the answer to your questions together.

Thank you for visiting this site. With your views and reminders, I choose themes to make them interesting for you and learn something more about the area. I appreciate every view. For those who are involved in joge, it is important to communicate with other people and the environment, so I try to sell products that are from natural materials or have ecological certifications

I wish you to find joy at least at least the pleasure with which I write articles for you and I look for suitable products. Extend your borders, be yourself, achieve a sense of harmony, integrity and self-sufficiency.

PS: sorry for my english, but I try to learn better. ?